Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Little Princess (literally)

Last Saturday Emery was in her first pageant and it was adorable. Now I'm not talking Toddlers and Tiaras, but a natural pageant. No make-up, Sunday best, down home, cute kiddos kind. Yes, there was a glitz part, but we didn't do that one. I really just did it for fun, but now I'm thinking we are going to do more. I know for sure we are doing one in November. Above she is wearing her Princess crown and she loves it. In the beauty portion she got most photogenic, best personality and princess (1st runner up). In the swimsuit portion she got queen. She was a little unsure at times, but for her first pageant, she did great! Here are the pictures that I took at a local park. The first two are the ones that gave her the most photogenic title.

Here she is in the "summer" portion of the pageant.

Here she is being crown queen in the swimsuit pageant. This little girls just melts my heart. I still can't believe she is 21 months old (as of the 12th). Time is just flying!

****I am grateful for
1) 21 awesome, wonderful, oh-my-gawd how did I get so lucky months!
2) one month of summer vacation still left (well, almost one whole month)
3) Humpday
4) the smell of fresh cut grass
5) problems being solved


Stacy said...

You are such a BEAUTIFUL little Princess! :o)And you did a great job in your 1st pageant! I'm very proud of you!

--- <3 Aunt Stacy

Chelle said...

Oh my gosh she is so stinking cute! She really is a photogenic little girl.

Daughters are such amazing blessings, aren't they? It feels at times like you couldn't possibly love them anymore than you already do, yet somehow, you do.

What a sweet little girl.