Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finishing up Disney (for now)

I'm thinking I'd better go ahead and finish up Disney so I can move on to other things! So, here we go (for now)....

I swear Emery was just amazed the entire time

Emery and Minnie became fast friends

Emery did NOT want to let her go

Isn't it amazing that even the clouds at Disney World look like Mickey (can you see him looking to the left?)

Emery LOVED every single princess, and they loved her

Chase was quite smitten as well (I love the look on his face)

This is how they looked as we left Disney, I think they were already dreaming of our next trip (which believe it or not, is already in the makings!)
****I am grateful for
1) a wonderful family vacation
2) birthdays
3) exciting things on the horizon
4) Disney and getting to experience it through the eyes of my children
5) my family, oh I how love them