Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Angels

Our sweet twins should have been turning two today, instead they are in heaven watching over us. I bet Molly is sitting right beside them and their other brother (I know Chase's twin was a boy, just as I know the twins were a boy and a girl, I have no doubt). One day I'm gonna hold those four in my arms, it's going to be an awesome day! ***I am grateful for 1) Even if I never got to hold three of our sweet babies in my arms, I get to hold them in my heart forever, and I will meet them one day 2) Chase, he is truly a miracle from God 3) Emery, she is our secodn miracle from God 4) every single day, you just never know 5) Under 40 days of school left, I can do this.... right?


Stacy E. said...

Sending hugs your way! It makes me sad that you never got to hold the 3 babies that you lost. :( But, I agree that it will be amazing for you to meet them in heaven some day!!

Also, I am so thankful that you were blessed with your 2 little miracles, Chase and Emery. What beautiful gifts from God!