Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got Allergies? We do!

This last time Chase was hit so hard with allergy/asthma issues we went to see a pediatric allergist because things just seemed to be happening more and more often. When we met with them he was concerned because Chase is on three regular maintenance medicines and we had to add three more in just to get him over that last hump. Six medicines for a six year old is apparently a warning sign! Monday we went in for his allergy testing and it didn't take long to see we had a problem. This was his back 20 minutes after they applied the testing allergens.

32 positive results. One that was a 2 (scale of 1-4) and thirty-one that were 3+, 4, or 4+. He was allergic to something in every single category and they are all extreme. Blech! I believe there were 13 trees, lots of molds, weeds, grasses, and some other stuff that I have no clue what it is. Good news is he is not allergic to any of the animals, just dustmite dander, so that was a win. He also came back positive to pecans, walnuts, peanuts, and soy. I about lost it when I saw that because 1) he was on soy formula when he was a baby when I stopped nursing and 2) he eats peanuts and pecans a lot! When I questioned it Dr. M said that when they test, they test using the outer part, not the actual nut. So Chase has a tolerance for the nut, but is allergic to the outer. How crazy is that????

We are going to try and continue to maintain with his inhaler twice a day, his nose spray once a day (year round now), and his allergy tablet once a day (but on a higher dose). Then we'll use saline drops in the evenings too. We are getting HEPA filters for his room and the downstairs, as well as dustmite barriers for his pillows. Then we'll add in a liquid allergy medicine as needed. As long as this works, we're good. If for some reason we are having more bouts we can't control we'll readjust meds as we can. If we eventually run out of medicine options, then we'd go to allergy shots. I do not want this for him! It would be 1 shot in each arm once a week for 9 months and then 1 shot in each arm every other week for 2-2 1/2 years. He would hate that and I would hate it for him.

Gotta love allergies and Texas, right??!??!

****I am grateful for
1) no animal allergies
2) maintaining with meds
3) those few things he was not allergic to
4) knowing what he is allergic to
5) pain free testing (well, a little itching, but no needles!)


Stacy E. said...

Poor guy! That looks awful. But, I'm thankful that now they know exactly what his allergens are so they know more specifically what approach to take with his treatment plan. Praying that all goes well with the meds he's on now so he'll never have to take the shots!

Chelle said...

Poor Chase! :(

Texas allergies are so brutal. I never had allergies until I moved here. Last year they got so bad I went on prescription allergy meds. But mine are nothing like poor Chase's. :(

Chelle said...

Oh My GAWD!! Poor chase! I saw that picture and my jaw dropped, seriously. Poor thing.

Hopefully, now that the allergens are narrowed down, treatment will help.

PS-I LOVED the cow outfit that you posted a little while back so much that I made the girls a bandana outfit that was similar!! GOOD STUFF MAMA!

Brittany said...

Blog hopping and saw your post....

My 3 year old is allergic peanuts, and used to be allergic to milk and eggs. It is a life-style change, but very doable. I definitely want to be an encouragment if you need it:) Email me or comment on my blog if you have any questions. I have lots of recipes!! :)

The best alternative to peanut butter - sunbutter (its in the organic section made from sunflower seeds - get the "creamy" version - its awesome!)


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Oh my gosh, poor guy!!! When I showed my husband he asked if this was a man and I said 'NO - he's Elaina's age!'

That's so weird he's allergic nut shells but not the nut meat!