Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Joys of Boys - Gas Crisis Solved!

I am not really sure how we got on the subject, but this morning Chase and I were talking about the rising gas prices and how expensive it has gotten. He got very quiet for a minute and then asked me if I knew why gas had gotten so expensive. I asked him why and he responded with, "Well, the gas people are charging a lot of money so that they can afford to go to fun places like Disney World and Seaworld. They are rude like that!" I was laughing so hard I about wet my pants. I think Chase has got it all figured out. Give them a trip to Disney or Seaworld and gas prices will go back down. If only it were that simple!

***I am grateful for

1) the joys of boys
2) that little brain of his
3) reasoning skills
4) priceless moments
5) those 5 minutes of Chase and Mommy time on the way to school each morning