Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super fast lightning speed update

Surgery went well although she had a very difficult time with the anesthesia. It was a long day. Did great yesterday, horrible night last night, started barking like a seal early this morning, then threw up all over the two of us. I knew the moment I heard her it was croup. Sure enough, after a trip to the pedi is looks like she picked up croup at the surgery center. She is now on a steroid since she just had her surgery in order to keep her from getting closed up and in the hospital. :o(

On the way to the pedi I decided to have Chase checked out too because I was pretty sure he had a sinus infection. I was right, he does. Antibiotics for him.

I'm already worn out and the day has a long way to go. Good times baby, good times.

*****I am grateful for
1) surgery was successful
2) surgery is over
3) steroids to help the princess from getting too much worse
4) antibiotics for the big big brother
5) pediatricians that are open on Saturday (even if it's not our location)


Amber said...

Hope the kids get feeling better soon!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Oh no! Im glad the surgery is over and done with. That really stinks theyre both sick. I hope the antibiotics work quickly and theyre back to themselves soon!

Stacy E. said...

Sending prayers for all of you! Hope both kids feel better soon! And that you can all get some much needed rest! Call me if you need anything!


It goes like this... said...

Oi! I am hoping everyone is on the mend!

Keep your strength, yourself, super mama!