Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's official, Chase is a kindergartner!

Well it's official, Chase is a kindergartner!!!! Today was the first day of school and he did great. He got up without a fight and was ready to go in no time. Now that he's at my school he'll be going with me in the mornings, but since I had to be there early and get last minute things done, we chose to let him ride up with Daddy and Emery. He wasn't too thrilled, but he finally agreed to wait and come a little late. Turned out that he had his Daddy up there with him not 20 minutes after I got up there, can we say ready to go??

He did great when we walked him to class and the only time I got worried was when he looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, you ARE going to come get me when we are done, right?" Mrs. Moreno was right there and assured him that not only would I come and get him, but she would wait with him until I got there. They made it all OK. :o) It didn't hurt that Addison, from his class last year whose mom also teaches at my school, is in class! We said our goodbyes and were out the door in what seemed like no time at all. I barely even cried!!! *sniff sniff* He's my baby, what can I say?!??

I got to see him several times in the hall or when I walked by his class during the day and he always looked happy. He loves Mrs. Moreno and seems to have had a really good day. He was completely exhausted by this evening after his full day of school and karate and was asleep in less than five minutes once his head hit the pillow. Man how I love that little boy and I couldn't be a prouder Mommy!

Here are some pictures from our morning. We actually forget to get one with his teacher, but I'll snap it later. It's pretty easy since I work there!

One last kiss before it's off to class!

A family shot!

Zero fingers up for this year, he'll put 1 up for next year and so on!

Looking happy and ready to go (those are two of his friends behind him, Joey and Addison, whose head is cut out of the picture... oops)
****I am grateful for
1) a great first day in kinder!!!
2) great teachers
3) smiles at the end of the day
4) kindergarten... it's gonna be a great year!
5) my firstborn, I'm so very, very blessed!


Stacy E. said...

Yay, Chase!!! I'm so proud of you, and I'm so happy that you had a GREAT first day of Kindergarten! I know you're gonna have a wonderful year! See you in the halls BIG boy!

Aunt Stacy