Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Letter from Santa!

Somebody got a special letter in the mail!
Who could it be from?

Did you say it's from Santa??!?!

Looks like Chase made the "nice" list!!!
Turns out that someone has been a very good boy this year and got a letter from the big guy! Chase was so excited that he wanted to call "everyone" and tell them. It was too cute! We managed to call the grandparents and greats, but finally convinced him that he could wait and tell the aunts/uncles, cousins, friends, friends' parents later. Gosh I love this little boy, he makes the holidays so magical!

****I am grateful for
1) surviving the first week back to work!
2) the joy on Chase's face when we got his letter
3) seeing friends this weekend
4) going to take the kids to see Santa this weekend, it will be so much fun!
5) weekends!


Anonymous said...

He was so excited about the letter from Santa. Wish I were there to share it in person. Give Chase and Emery a hug and kiss for me. Love Duchess

Michelle said...

He must have been over the moon happy about that. I know my nephews LOVE it!

Stacy E. said...

Awwww...Chase's big SMILES are priceless! Such a happy little boy! Merry Christmas little guy!

Aunt Stacy :-)