Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here comes Santa Cluas....

Even though the weather is wet and cold, we decided to venture out to see Santa Claus this evening. We had planned on going once before but then Chase started running a temp and we ended up canceling so we were determined! Last year Chase decided that Santa wasn't such a bad guy and it's been smooth sailing every since. He even said that he'd make sure Emery wasn't afraid and had a talk with her to let her know that Santa was a good guy. Such a good big brother!

We are lucky to have an outlet mall close that sets up an entire cottage for Santa each year. The Santas are always really good and the lines are always super short (read not one person in front of us today)! They will also allow you to take your own pics as long as you purchase something of theirs. These are from our camera but they are just about as good as the ones they took and I had to buy!

Wonder if Emery will like him this much next year! I adore this picture!!!

Santa and Chase

Another great shot!

****I am grateful for
1) Santa
2) believing
3) big brothers
4) little sister
5) memories to last a lifetime!


Stacy E. said...

Great pics! I love the t-shirts and Emery's fur trimmed pants are so precious! Merry Christmas!