Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What's better than losing one front tooth right before becoming a big sister?

Losing two front teeth of course!

Life is crazy and things are busy as usual. Turns out that I'm a better pregnant person at 39 than at 29 and after a quick consultation between my regular OB/high-risk OB they decided not to induce me at 39 weeks, but to wait and see if Little Miss. Phoebe would do her own thing.  She's heads-down and I'll be 39 weeks on Thursday, so we'll see what happens.  We are excited to meet her, but we will miss these little kicks and knowing that we'll never have another baby growing in there.

Chase is back at it for baseball season and practicing hard.  Opening Day is April 2nd and I have no doubt the next month will fly by.  He has been at the batting cages a couple of times and loves it.  I'm thinking we'll need to get him there more often.  On even bigger news, my sweet boy will be turning 11 on the 7th!! I can't even wrap my mind around it, it's so crazy!  I'm really not sure where all the time has gone.  It's bittersweet for sure.

Emery is growing by leaps and bounds and losing teeth like crazy!  She just lost #4 and has another one that I have a feeling will be out in the next couple of weeks.  She is so excited about becoming a big sister, I can't wait to see these three together.

Hope everyone is doing well and I promise to update soon!  OB appointment tomorrow and high-risk appointment on Thursday, so we'll see what they bring!

***I am grateful for
1) almost 39 weeks, woohoo
2) my sweet boy is turning 11 in 6 days, my heart is full
3) new recliners, so comfy
4) Phoebe's room is done
5) less than two weeks and we'll be holding our sweet baby girl!