Monday, July 29, 2013

Our 2013 Junior Olympian!

Back in February (I think) Chase qualified for the 2013 Junior Olympics in cup stacking.  If you don't know what cup stacking is, google it.  It's a speed sport and there are some absolutely amazingly fast kids out there!!!  As awesome as it is to have qualified the Jr. Olympics were in Detroit, MI.  You know, way up North, by Canada.  We live in SE Texas.  You know, as in way down South, by Mexico.  So, 22 hours away.  22 hours there, 22 hours back.  But, I love Chase and felt like this would be an awesome experience for him.  I mean really, how many kids get to participate in the Junior Olympics?  So, last Tuesday, we packed up the car and Duchess (my mom), Chase, Emery and I hit the road.  Thursday afternoon we arrived in Detroit and what an experience it was!  One of my students, L, also qualified and her dad is a pilot, so they agreed to go too.  Her and Chase started "training" in April as doubles partners.  So, it was neat that they got to go together.  They both did amazing and while neither placed for a medal, they beat their personal bests with was what we our goal was.  Other than their qualifying event, this was only their 2nd tournaments, so this was quite the accomplishment.  We are already looking at getting a relay team together from our school for next year and L and Chase will continue on as doubles partners.  So exciting and fun!  Here are some pics and a video of Chase and L doing their doubles stack.  This kid never ceases to amaze me!!!

And I'll just add that since he began seriously stacking in Feb/March, he has shaved over 9 seconds of his cycle! Just think of how fast they'll be next year!!!!

****I am grateful for
1) road trips (even if they are really long drives)
2) Duchess who went with us and sponsored a LOT of our trip
3) well behaved children
4) once in a lifetime experiences
5) friends to share them with


Stacy E. said...

You were awesome, Chase! What an honor to get to go to the Jr. Olympics! So PROUD of you! <3