Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big Girl Beds

 A certain little princess is in her big girl bed for the first night tonight.  Only took about an hour for her to go down and about 20 "get back in beds!"  She is so, so happy!!!  This was an early Christmas present from Duchess and it was definitely a hit!!!  I can't believe she is this big! *sniff sniff*

****I am grateful for
1) big girl beds
2) more milestones
3) this time next week we'll be at Disney World!
4) new renters without a big gap between, which means we won't have to carry two mortgages w/out an rental income... phew
5) clean sheets


Elle said...

What an awesome and fun bed! I bet she just loves it.

It is kind of a bummer when they realize they can get out of bed all they want, but sometimes it is really funny too. Especially if they are trying to be sneaky.