Monday, February 20, 2012

Somebody rocked her pageant this weekend!

Emery had a pageant on Saturday and totally rocked it! We had picked up her a little wiglet and she loved so stinking cute I could hardly stand it. Don't worry, we aren't going all Todd.lers and on anyone! ;o) There were two sets of judges and here's what she brought home:

1st set: Overall Natural Photogenic (this outranked a queen title and she couldn't be double crowned w/this so the next contestant down got the queen), Best Hair and Best Smile

2nd set: Overall Best Personality (this could be double crowned), Queen, and Best Hair.

All the supreme titles went to older girls, but we were so proud of her for bringing home not one, but two overall titles. This little girl LOVES to strut her stuff on state and wear her "princess" dressed! Here are a few pics, sorry for the quality, we forgot the camera!

***I am grateful for
1) less than 70 days of school left!
2) three weeks until Spring Break (14 school days to be exact)
3) fun weekends
4) cuddle time
5) rain, rain, and more rain to bring the lake up for the summer


Stacy E, said...

Great job, Emery! You are too stinkin' CUTE! ;o) Love the picture in the pink outfit! And the curls...OMG...adorable!!! :)

Aunt Stacy <3