Sunday, May 23, 2010

You just can't hide from him!

So our librarian gave us a simple swing set for Chase this weekend, free of charge. Which is awesome because we wanted one, but do not have the extra money to spend on one right now. It's certainly nothing fancy, but has a slide, two swings and a trapeze. We purchased a baby swing to hang up in place of one of the big swings and I think the kids will rather enjoy having it in the backyard this summer.

We picked it up yesterday and told Chase that as soon as it cooled down we'd go out back and play. Unfortunately our backyard faces the west so the sun is shining on it in the afternoons and it is hot, hot, hot. A bit ago there was a small amount of shade from our wimpy pine trees and it had cooled down some so I figured I'd sit on the deck while Chase played. Now our yard is fenced with a 6 foot wooden fence and the gate was closed, so I thought surely the annoying, bratty, rude, bad, obnoxious, too big for Chase's stuff but never listens neighbor kid would not be a bother today. Boy was I wrong. It literally took less than 30 minutes before he was climbing over the fence and all up in our business. So I did what any considerate mother would do, I opened the back door, took Emery from Jeff, and told him he was in charge. I swear, there is just no hiding from him!

I know I can't be the only one with annoying neighbor kids... Lord I hope mine is never one of them!

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) 7 1/2 days left with the kiddos before summer break
2) got some great news at school on Friday, but I have parents that read my blog, so I can't share yet!
3) our awesome, free swing set
4) a three day weekend is coming up
5) little pink toenails