Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another weekend gone just like that!

I don't know if our weekend was busy or what, but boy did it fly by. Friday Chase has his flu shot, so it was a rough start, but certainly got better from there on out.

Saturday Chase had an eye doctor appointment to see about getting his new glasses since his prescription has changed (if you'll notice he hasn't had his glasses on in quite some time.. bad, I know). He did great until they put the eye drops in to dilate, in his words, "he HATES them!!!!!" It was not pretty. However, he survived and his new glasses will be in here w/in a couple of weeks. They said he has a significant far-sightedness, he didn't get that from his dad or I, so I'm blaming it all on grandparents! ;o) To make up for the dilating torture we took him to the Halloween shop, which he loved. He is so ready for Halloween to get here (and so are we for obvious reasons)!

When we got home we decided to get Emery's crib put together. When I sit and think of how soon she'll be here I get a little panicky because there is still so much to do! Hopefully now that all the furniture is together it'll start moving a little faster!

Sunday Jeff got up early, picked up my brother, and then went over to get his dad and our boat (we keep it there since we have deed restrictions against it where we leave) and they headed out to the lake. Chase slept in, but as soon as he woke up I got him ready and drove out to meet Jeff so that Chase could fish too. They apparently did great and caught about 40 fish. Chase told me he caught 10 billion, but I think he may have been telling me a tale! ;o) He's learning early!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon and then a birthday party (don't get me started on that one), so I can already tell it's going to be a long Monday. Here's a shot of Daddy's Fishing Buddy to give you a smile!

****I am grateful for
1) weekends
2) ultrasound tomorrow!
3) me time (it was nice to have just me here)
4) ice cold water
5) great weather today so the boys could take the boat out


Anonymous said...

Awww, hugs to Chase! I always hated eyedrops too and am still a great, big, giant baby about seeing the eye doctor. I am proud of him, though, for getting through what needs to be gotten through! Rock on Chase!

And, wow, wow, and super wow about all your prep for Emery. Hope the ultrasound was a fun viewing for you and am just so thrilled for you and your family!


p.s. I LOVE the cakes from your shower--they are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Such talent your grandmother has!